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Yolanda Díaz inaugurates the Guadalajara International Book Fair, the most important in the Spanish-speaking world

News - 2022.11.29

Guadalajara (Mexico)

During the day, the Vice-President also held a meeting with the Spanish community, where she told attendees that "this morning I had the great fortune to be with the community of Spaniards in Guadalajara, including the grandchildren of former President Juan Negrín. I would like to thank this country for the welcome it gave then to the Republican exiles and for making it possible for a large part of our best talent, from María Zambrano to Luis Buñuel and so many other people, to be welcomed here".

The FIL, epicentre of culture and the publishing world

In terms of numbers, the FIL in Guadalajara is the largest book fair in the world and the most important in terms of publishing representation after Frankfurt. For nine days, Guadalajara, and specifically the FIL, becomes the epicentre of Ibero-American cultural and artistic life. It brings together writers, academics, artists, philosophers, activists and intellectuals. In the minister's opinion, it is "the best example of fraternity and cooperation between Spain and Latin America".

During the book presentation, Díaz highlighted some of the advances in labour matters in Spain, including the so-called Rider Law and algorithmic transparency in the field of labour.

Meeting with local authorities and the Spanish community

The Second Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, during her meeting with the Spanish community in Guadalajara

The minister also held a meeting with representatives of local administrations and with prominent members and entities of the Spanish community in Guadalajara, made up mainly of a diverse and large group of businesspeople, but also of workers in the engineering sector and teachers, among other professions, and descendants of the exile community.

The minister wanted to highlight the richness, diversity and complexity of the Spanish migratory phenomenon in Mexico and, in particular, the country's capacity for integration, having welcomed Spaniards with open arms.

Before the audience, the minister recalled the recent approval of the law that abolishes the "voto rogado", which facilitates and simplifies the right of Spaniards living abroad to take part in legislative elections.

"The relations we have between brotherly peoples are very fruitful. We have no less than 7,000 thousand Spanish companies here. We owe it to the common good to broaden our mutual relations," she said.

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