Pilar Alegria underlines the value of education reform to ensure success for all students

News - 2022.11.28

The Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, took part in the EU's Council of Ministers for Education in Brussels. The minister pointed out that a number of agreements on educational success and wellbeing in digital education are expected to be approved in the meeting that are "fully aligned with the education reform and Vocational Education and Training that we have undertaken in our country".

First, it contains a recommendation on pathways to success in school to strengthen the prevention of early school leaving. "Spain is absolutely committed to this issue, especially as a result of the latest educational reform that we have approved," explained Pilar Alegría. "In recent years, we have reduced the dropout rate by more than 13 points, from 23.6% to 13.3%, and we will continue to strive to achieve the 10% target," she added.

Addressing the specific need for a more individualised education of pupils, a focus on emotional and educational well-being, and working in safe environments are other key points of this recommendation.

"In these years, we are investing more than €1.1 billion, from early schooling for 0-3-year-olds to guidance and support programmes for all students, which are allowing us to reduce school dropout rates and provide inclusive and more personalised education," the minister stressed.

EU ministers will also adopt conclusions on supporting wellbeing in digital education, with an emphasis on reducing inequalities, creating safe digital environments and further educating young people towards critical thinking.

The European Education Area and support for Ukraine

During the Council, a debate took place on the European response to the educational consequences of Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the added value of the European Education Area in addressing this crisis. Pilar Alegría stressed the need to "guarantee the schooling of all minors who have arrived in our territory, who must be ensured of the best educational opportunities".

To date, Spain has incorporated 36,654 displaced Ukrainian students into the education system, of whom 29,994 are minors. The minister assured that "if we needed to take in more displaced Ukrainians, we would be perfectly prepared to do so" and pointed out "the good acceptance and collaboration of the autonomous communities in this matter".

Enrique Ossorio, Vice-President of the Community of Madrid and Regional Minister for Education and Universities, also took part in the debate on behalf of the Autonomous Communities to present their common position.

Making the most of her stay in Brussels, Minister Pilar Alegría held a meeting with the Swedish Minister for Schools, Lotta Edholm.

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