Situation Committee meets to discuss the latest developments in Russia's invasion of Ukraine

News - 2022.11.25

During the meeting, the latest developments of the Russian invasion of Ukraine were analysed, including the consequences of Russian attacks on energy infrastructures, which deprive Ukrainian citizens of heat, electricity and water in the cold winter, aggravating the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

The progress of the working groups set up within the Situation Committee was reported at this latest meeting. The war has already caused more than 15.5 million people to flee Ukraine. In Spain, around 155,000 Ukrainians have temporary protection, and our country is the 5th in the European Union with the highest number of displaced persons.

More than 70,500 of them have been registered in the National Health System and, with the start of the academic year, 36,654 displaced Ukrainian pupils are enrolled in school, of whom 29,994 are minors.

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