117th session of the Executive Council of the UNWTO

Spain is leading an ambitious roadmap to adapt the World Tourism Organization to the tourism of the future

News - 2022.11.24

This roadmap follows the mandate given at the 24th General Assembly in Madrid, where it was agreed to urge the Council to determine the mandate, composition and modus operandi of a Task Force to rethink post-pandemic tourism for the future.

During her speech at the plenary session, Reyes Maroto argued that "extraordinary events such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, together with challenges such as ecological and digital transition, force us to adapt our tourism policies in each country, but also in multilateral spheres such as the one represented by the UNWTO. We need to define a new agenda within the framework of the UNWTO to be a guide for action for its member countries where we define shared objectives and programmes to move towards quality, sustainable, digital and inclusive tourism.

The minister defended the need to define this new agenda within the framework of the UNWTO, which will serve as a guide for action for all member countries of the organisation. "We believe this is an opportune moment to move forwards with this ambitious project, as we recover from the pandemic that has shaken the sector and consider how to avoid and resist future crises", stressed Maroto.

Finally, Maroto explained that Spain has been working with Saudi Arabia and the UNWTO on a proposal for rules of operation that will allow for the implementation of a 5-year strategic plan that will enable the Organisation to achieve its objectives: the development of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, paying particular attention to the interests of developing countries. Spain believes that this plan is an opportunity for member countries to work together to build a long-term vision for tourism and to define how the UNWTO should adapt to this vision.

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