The Minister for Justice meets with the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights

News - 2022.11.24

During the meeting, Llop explained the main lines of the Draft Bill for a comprehensive law against human trafficking and exploitation, which is being promoted by his cabinet. The minister explained that it is a "comprehensive regulation, which focuses on victims and covers their international dimension".

The Commissioner agreed that this is a "great challenge" because trafficking is "a major violation of human rights". Llop explained key aspects of the law, which deals with all types of trafficking, whether for the purposes of begging, organ trafficking or sexual or labour exploitation, and which "will have a very strong gender perspective because there is trafficking that is very feminised".

They also discussed the protection of the rights of vulnerable people in evictions and foreclosures.

Further, the minister referred to the measures that the efficiency laws contemplate to bring the public justice service closer to the citizens, and especially to the most vulnerable sectors, such as the use, for example, of new technologies and the implementation of Justice Offices in the municipality.

Last, the Commissioner for Human Rights showed her interest in the Draft Bill regulating the age assessment procedure, the details of which she was able to learn about during the meeting, including the presumption of minority, the relevance of documentary evidence, the primacy of the best interests of minors and the recognition of the right of minors to be heard.

Llop told Commissioner Mijatovic that the Ministry of Justice is awaiting a report from the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) on this draft bill on age assessment, a situation which also exists with the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act, explaining that this is one of the consequences of the blockage in the renewal of the CGPJ, which has tangential undesired effects on the advancement of human rights in our country.

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