The Minister for Defence visits the main logistics centre for the distribution of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in Poland

News - 2022.10.17

During her visit, accompanied by the Spanish ambassadors to Poland and Ukraine, Ramiro Fernández and Ricardo López-Aranda, respectively, Robles was able to see in situ how the centre works and to talk with the Spanish military personnel who coordinate the national deliveries at this logistics centre.

"Thank you all for your cooperation. We are going through difficult times, but we are pulling together. Ukraine must win this unjust and cruel war and I think one of the most crucial things right now is our unity, how our countries are united in working together to fight Putin. Our unity is our strength," she said.

On her arrival at the logistics centre, Robles was received by the head of the Polish Armed Forces Support Inspectorate, Brigadier General Artur Kepcynski. The minister was accompanied by the Secretary General for Defence Policy, Admiral Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez.

During the visit, Robles watched a presentation on the logistics hub and met with representatives of the other nations involved. Before leaving, she met with civilian airport staff.

"Spain is fully committed to Ukraine, to Poland and to NATO. This is a war to defend our values, our principles and democracy", said the Minister for Defence, who added that "you can rely on Spain and the Spanish people to support the Ukrainian people".

The minister personally greeted a representation of Polish officials and workers and military personnel from other countries who serve at this airport, whom she thanked "for their sacrifice".

Robles highlighted the essential work carried out by these personnel and their effort and permanent dedication without which it would not be possible to effectively and safely channel the aid that donor countries send to Ukraine. She also highlighted its efficiency and speed in having achieved in exceptional time a full guarantee and assurance that the Spanish aid would reach its destination.

The minister also highlighted the confidence she has in management controls and processes to verify that the end use of shipments meets Ukraine's real needs. During the visit, the secrecy and security measures agreed by the Donors' Conference were complied with.

More than 30 logistical transportations and 14 humanitarian flights

Since Poland established this hub, the Ministry of Defence has managed more than 30 logistical transportations of armaments and materiel to this centre, which is a point of entry and exit for military flights, road convoys and multimodal transport of Spanish supplies by sea.

The airport visited today was also the departure point for more than 600 people, including orphaned children and children undergoing cancer treatment, especially vulnerable and threatened family members, and military personnel wounded in combat for their reception in Spain or treatment in the Defence Hospitals and the health network. To support these transfers, 14 other humanitarian flights have so far been arranged by the Ministry of Defence.

These flight operations are scheduled to intensify in the coming weeks, as the Spanish contribution to the training of Ukrainian military personnel, organised both by bilateral agreement and as part of the European Union's new EUMAM mission, begins.

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