Condemnation by the Government of Spain of the repression in Iran

News - 2022.9.27

The Government of Spain demands that the country's authorities fully respect and guarantee the right of all its citizens to express themselves and demonstrate freely and peacefully.

Spain reiterates its firm commitment to the defence of human rights, and in particular women's rights, which must be respected in all circumstances and in accordance with universally applicable international instruments. The government reiterates in particular its strong condemnation and repudiation of violence against Iranian women and their rights.

It also expresses its condolences for the loss of life and wishes a speedy recovery to those injured in these demonstrations, which have arisen following the death of the Iranian citizen Mahsa Amini. The government calls on the Iranian authorities to carry out an independent investigation and to establish accountability in a transparent, objective and thorough manner.

The Chief Executive also reiterates its call on the Iranian authorities to immediately lift all restrictions on communications and demands an end to arbitrary arrests and any other measures and restrictions against peaceful demonstrators, journalists and other citizens exercising their civic freedoms.

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