EU and Morocco agree to update their cooperation on migration and extend it to the new operational methods used by smuggling networks

News - 2022.7.8

Within the framework of this meeting, it was agreed to promote a new partnership between Morocco and the European Union that will include mechanisms to tackle the new operational methods used by criminal organisations involved in human trafficking.

The Commissioner and the two ministers expressed their sorrow for the migrants who died in the "painful events" that took place on 24 June, as well as their regret for those who were injured, including the members of the security forces.

"These events, in addition to being a human tragedy, put traditional anti-trafficking mechanisms to the test and highlight the extreme dangerousness of human trafficking networks and the risks they are willing to take," they said. They also stressed that investigations are being carried out to clarify the circumstances of these events.

The new mechanisms for operational cooperation in the fight against human trafficking between Morocco and the European Commission will include support for border management, strengthening police cooperation, including joint investigations, raising awareness of the dangers of irregular immigration and reinforcing the cooperation with European Union agencies.

In the area of migration, Spain is working decisively in cooperation with countries of origin and transit and in the fight against human trafficking mafias, both through the exchange of operational information and through joint actions. The mechanisms in place in these areas allow 40 per cent of irregular migratory movements to be stopped at source, which also leads to 40 per cent fewer lives being placed at risk during crossings.

The European Commission is also working, on the implementation of cooperation mechanisms on migration with countries of origin and transit as part of the framework of the new migration and asylum pact.

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