The Interterritorial Council for the NHS approves the Public Health Strategy 2022

News - 22.6.2022

This is a working document shared between the Ministry of Health, the regional governments and cities, scientific societies and other groups, which establishes priority actions to improve the population's health and well-being, creating a reference framework for coordinating all the agents involved.

The ESP 2022 is based on principles of equity and co-governance, with a health-in-all-policies approach, and strengthens the 'One health' approach.

The document sets out four strategic lines:

  • Strategic Line 1: Strengthening public health to improve the population's health. With the goals of strengthening the governance system; ensuring capacities and competencies; boosting research and innovation; and enhancing public health communication and advocacy.
  • Strategic Line 2: Modernise public health surveillance to ensure responsiveness to health risks and emergencies. With the goals of strengthening and enhancing the public health surveillance system and ensuring a rapid, timely and coordinated response to public health threats at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Strategic Line 3: Improving health and well-being through the promotion of health-generating, safe and sustainable lifestyles and environments. With the goals of promoting healthy, safe and sustainable lifestyles; contributing to the creation of healthy, salutogenic, safe, sustainable environments free from discrimination and violence; improving the living conditions, well-being and health of the population and promoting actions to make the healthiest choices the easiest for the population to make.
  • Strategic Line 4: Promoting health and health equity throughout all stages of life. With the goals of promoting the population's health throughout all stages of life and equity.

Oral health plan funds

In today's meeting, the territorial distribution of the 44 million euros for the Oral and Dental Health Plan was approved, meaning that the Portfolio of Services was extended, following its approval by the Council of Ministers and in the CISNS plenary session last week in Valencia.

This extension of the Portfolio of Oral Health Services will benefit 7 million people and provides quality, universal and free public dental care, regardless of the place of residence and family resources available, prioritising the following groups: children and young people (differentiating between the age groups 0-5 and 6-14 years), pregnant women, people with intellectual disabilities and disabilities limiting the mobility of the upper limbs and people diagnosed with oncological processes of the cervicofacial region.

These include high-concentration fluoride varnishes, pit and fissure sealants that prevent cavities and dental cleaning. It also includes the most necessary and common dental treatments for children, such as fillings in the permanent teeth, non-aggressive treatments for milk teeth and reconstructions and endodontics for trauma and malformations, from birth to 14 years of age.

The distribution of the funds by regional government is as follows:

NOTE: As additional information, 245,434 euros will be transferred to INGESA, bringing the total to 44,058,000 euros.

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