Yolanda Díaz and ILO director present guide to LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the world of work

News - 25.5.2022

"As a country that leads the world in the fight for equality and diversity, we are proud that the ILO is counting on us to present its new guide to the labour inclusion of LGTBIQ+ people to continue advancing in rights and freedoms", said the vice-president.

This guide is designed for use by government, employers' organisation and trade union representatives and is intended to deepen understanding of concepts related to sexual and gender diversity. The minister explained that on many occasions LGTBIQ+ people are victims of discrimination when it comes to accessing employment and, when they work, they suffer harassment and violence or are forced to hide their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. "I am thinking, for example, of the enormous difficulties experienced by transgender people," she stressed.

Although important steps have been taken in the recognition of the rights of LGTBIQ+ people in different countries around the world, there are also many places today where not only are their rights systematically denied, but also where they are persecuted and criminally punished.

Commitment to diversity and equality

The guide aims to remove all existing obstacles in the world of work even in the most advanced countries in the recognition of LGTBIQ+ rights.

"Our duty as policy makers is to go beyond grand rhetorical statements and deliver tangible changes so that companies and work environments are spaces of respect for plurality and diversity," said Díaz during the presentation with Ryder.

For the vice-president, there is still a long way to go before freedom and equality are real and effective and before their participation is full in all areas of society.

A training tool

The guide developed by the ILO is a training tool consisting of three sections and annexes. It is designed for independent and flexible learning. It includes a series of practical exercises after each section. All chapters include examples and references and provide links to different learning resources. The entire training can be completed in four to six hours.

"The Guide that the ILO is making available to us today is a very valuable tool for governments, companies and trade unions to work together in this direction, combating the prejudices and stereotypes that still exist about LGTBIQ+ people," said Díaz, who also advocated combating stereotypes in all spheres of real life.

The vice-president expressed her pride that Spain is at the forefront in the recognition of the freedoms and rights of this group and encouraged the ILO to continue promoting this culture in favour of diversity in the social and labour sphere.

Expressing her thanks to the ILO team for the guide, the minister predicted that it would become an indispensable reference on inclusion. "I hope this is the first step towards an imminent action plan. And I want to add that in the future we will hopefully advance towards an ILO Convention for real and effective equality at work for LGTBIQ+ people that will protect their labour and social protection rights worldwide", concluded Díaz.

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