Moncloa revamps its website to improve citizens' access to official information on the activities of the President of the Government of Spain and the Council of Ministers

News - 24.5.2022

In a commitment to design and new digital formats, the Government of Spain has revamped the Moncloa website with the aim of improving citizens' access to official information on the activities of the Chief Executive and the Council of Ministers.

The website has been totally redesigned to prioritise the relevance, clarity and readability of information, placing the user at the centre of the experience and complying with accessibility standards.

The Moncloa website monitors the activities of the President of the Government of Spain on a daily basis, in Spanish and English, and publishes the summaries and references of each Council of Ministers.

New image of the cover of | Pool Moncloa has improved access to the graphic and audiovisual content, including live broadcasts of government activity, which can now also be followed from the home page.

A format specially adapted to mobile devices has also been launched, allowing the videos of the press conferences after the Council of Ministers to be played more easily, facilitating access to the most relevant moments of the speeches in a new browsing experience.

Another of the contents most consulted by citizens, the media, companies and other organisations has also been revamped: the daily agenda of the members of the Government, which now has a more visual, legible and prominent format on the front page.

Similarly, the visualisation of the main news items generated daily by each ministry, which are published on the Moncloa website for easy consultation at any time, has also been improved.

The incorporation of labelling in the content will make it easier to monitor the government's actions on some of its priorities over time, such as Ukraine and the organisation of the NATO Summit in Madrid.

The page highlights access to the special web pages dedicated to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy, as well as other useful content for citizens, such as the form for sending letters to the President of the Government, which has also been improved to make it easier to access.

The new design includes the renewal of the Moncloa logo and its modernisation to facilitate its use on all types of media, including mobile devices.

The website is adapted to different devices and complies with the accessibility standards required of Public Administrations so that everyone, regardless of their situation, can access information under equal conditions.

The redesign has been carried out entirely by the digital team of the Secretariat of State for Communication and the technical team of the Ministry of the Presidency. The new logo has been created in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Innovation. was started in 1996 and is one of the longest-lived websites on the Spanish Internet. The Moncloa website is maintained by a team of journalists from the Secretariat of State for Communication.

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