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In April, Spain recovered 85% of the international tourists it received before the pandemic

News - 18.5.2022

These data can be consulted in the economic note published by Turespaña based on Aena records.

"The good Easter campaign that we anticipated has boosted the degree of recovery of tourist flows in the month of April, confirming a trend of gradual growth that has been maintained since the beginning of the year. The islands have almost reached pre-pandemic levels thanks to the reactivation of Spain's two main tourist markets, the United Kingdom and Germany, which confirms the good performance of the holiday segment to date", said the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto.

International air passengers arriving in the Canary Islands in April totalled 1,110,216, only 0.2% below arrivals in the same month of 2019, driven mainly by travellers from the UK and Germany. The airports of Tenerife Sur and Fuerteventura even exceed the pre-pandemic values by 4.1% and 0.1%, respectively. In the case of the Balearic Islands, arrivals by air (1,139,613) represent a recovery percentage with respect to the pre-pandemic of 96.8%, with the German market as the main country of origin.

While the islands show the highest level of recovery with respect to the pre-pandemic period, Catalonia and the Valencian Community are the ones registering the highest year-on-year growth, of 1006.3% and 962% respectively.

From EU countries and at low cost

The majority of passengers came from the European Union (58.4%) and travelled on a low-cost airline (60.9%).

By countries, the United Kingdom was the main outbound market, with 1,601,009 passengers, 23% of the total; followed by Germany, with 1,121,843 passengers, and a 16.1% share; France (597,070 passengers and an 8.6% share); and Italy (596,349 passengers and an 8.6% share).

Markets such as the Netherlands and Ireland show a degree of recovery approaching 2019 levels. Passenger arrivals in Spain from these two countries are only 0.6 and 0.7 per cent lower, respectively, than three years ago.

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