Social Security registers 2,343,637 more foreign affiliates in April

News - 18.5.2022

This is the eleventh consecutive month of employment growth of this group which, in the first quarter of the year, added close to 37,000 employed people (36,973).

This figure in April represents 11.7% of the total number of Social Security affiliates, in seasonally adjusted terms.

Average monthly affiliation

In average terms and non-seasonally adjusted, the Social Security had 2,354,514 foreign contributors in Abril, of whom 828,034 are from European Union countries (35.2%) and 1,526,480 from third countries (the remaining 64.8%). They are 55,689 more affiliates than in March.

Some 55.9% are men (1,315,988), while 44.1% are women (1,038,526).

The largest groups of foreign workers come from Romania (340,641), Morocco (300,329), Italy (150,678), China (108,795) and Venezuela (108,765).

More than 50,000 Ukrainian affiliates

In addition, among other nationalities, there are 50,986 members from Ukraine. Their number has been growing steadily since the beginning of the Russian invasion, up to 5.8% in the last month. This is 2,790 more than in March and 3,408 more than in February.

Autonomous Communities

By autonomous community, in the last month, foreign affiliation increased particularly in the Balearic Islands (18.4%), followed by Cantabria (4.5%), Extremadura (4.3%) and Andalusia(3.8%). Aragon (-0.4%) and La Rioja (-0.1%) lost foreign affiliates in April.

By regime, the majority of foreigners are affiliated in the General Regime, a total of 1,956,532 people, adding 51,952 employed people in the month, 2.7% more than in March.

The number of these workers increased in the majority of sectors. Of note is the increase in Hostelry (11.3%) and Arts and Entertainment Activities (4,6%). The Special Agrarian System added 2.6%.

The number of self-employed foreigners increased 0.8% in the last month, bringing the total of workers up to 393,298 after adding 3,329.

In the last twelve months, the average affiliation of workers from other countries has grown by 11.5%, that is, it has added 243,095 employed persons.

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