Seven Spanish cities have been selected to take part in a mission aimed at developing climate-neutral cities

News - 2022.4.29

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This mission will receive 360 million euros in funding from Horizon Europe, the EU's research and innovation programme for 2021-2027 to initiate innovation processes towards reaching climate neutrality by 2030.

This initiative aims to foster research and innovation actions to promote clean mobility, energy efficiency and green urban planning. These actions will also enable the creation of joint initiatives and increased partnerships in synergy with other EU programmes.

To achieve a resilient and carbon neutral city model through the roll out of pilot projects and innovative solutions, the selected cities will be receive advice and assistance from the Mission Platform. They will also have access to funding opportunities through the Mission label and opportunities for networking, learning and exchanging experiences between cities, among others.

The European Commission's list includes cities from each EU Member State, including capital cities, other large, medium and small cities and developing cities. Twelve additional cities from Horizon Europe partner countries are also among those selected.

Horizon Europe Missions

Among its main innovations, Horizon Europe includes the launch of European Missions, a new way of implementing R&D with a social and economic impact in areas of interest to the EU and its citizens.

Through the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain is actively working on achieving various milestones to define and develop the European Missions.

In addition to the mission on cities, there are four others addressing global challenges on climate change adaptation, ocean restoration, soil health and cancer.

These missions are a portfolio of interdisciplinary actions based on R&D, in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal, the European Plan to Combat Cancer and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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