The Minister for Justice attends the World Law Congress in Colombia

News - 2021.12.2

Within the framework of this event, Llop today held a bilateral meeting with the Colombian Minister for Justice and Law, Wilson Ruiz, in which they discussed the Spanish and Colombian judicial systems, the fight against organised crime, as well as the importance of digitalisation related to Justice. In this regard, the minister explained the main lines of the Justice 2030 plan.

"We have noted the extraordinary relations that Spain and Colombia maintain, and have agreed to explore the possibility of training members of the Colombian justice system in Spain, deepening cooperation from the Spanish embassy in the country with the Houses of Justice, to promote their use as a resource close to the citizens so that they can solve their problems," Llop stressed after the meeting with Ruiz.

The Minister for Justice also met with the main actors in the fight against sex-based violence in the country: Gheidy Gallo, Presidential Advisor for Women's Equity; Sandra Lisset Ibarra, Magistrate of the Council of State in Colombia; Patricia Fernández-Pacheco, Deputy of UN Women Colombia; and Yaneth Martínez, Director of the Centre for Social Development Foundation (CEDESOCIAL).

At the meeting they discussed the implementation of equality policies, from institutional, legal, civil society and legal operators' points of view. Llop explained the main lines being followed by the Government of Spain and its cabinet, and alluded to the State Pact against Sex-based Violence signed in Spain.

"We know that we live in societies that are still very stereotyped and, in some cases, with a lot of violence against women, as in the case of Afghanistan, with very harsh realities, while there are countries that have been developing more friendly and egalitarian policies through their institutions", said Llop, stressing that "democracies and the rule of law can never be built from above, artificially implanting systems or models, but have to be built from below, working from the community".

In the opinion of the Spanish Minister for Justice, "in order to make progress in equality, progress must be shared equally, not only between men and women, but also between different generations and territories".

Tomorrow, Llop will attend the closing ceremony of this Congress, which takes place every two years and where judges, lawyers, professors, political leaders and jurists from more than 140 countries work together to strengthen and promote the rule of law in the world.

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