Monthly balance

109,451 new Social Security registrations in November

News - 2.12.2021

In November, Social Security enrolment grew by 109,451 workers with respect to the previous month (up 0.56%), the largest increase in seasonally-adjusted terms in the series for a month of November. This is the seventh consecutive month of increases, with a total of 751,988 employed people being added to the system.

Discounting seasonality and the calendar effect, there were increases in Services (91,989), followed by Industry (9,460) and Construction (6,753). Industry has been growing consecutively in every month since June 2020, while Construction has been growing since February and Services since May. Agriculture lost 8,091 registered persons due to most of the agricultural campaigns ending.

By sector, of note were the increases in enrolment in relative terms in Accommodation services (4.90%), Employment-related activities (4.90%), Creative, arts and entertainment activities (3.57%) and Sporting, arts and entertainment activities (3.29%). But Food and beverage services, with 30,129 more workers, saw the largest increase in absolute terms.

The number of employees increased by 103,078, while the number of non wage earners increased by 4,499. This group has been growing steadily for the last 13 months.

Year-on-year growth

Over the last year and without seasonal adjustment, enrolment grew by 730,356 persons, representing an increase of 3.84% in the average number of workers. The sectors with the highest increases compared to the same month last year in the General System were Accommodation (16.77%), Artistic, Recreational and Entertainment Activities (14.50%) Information and Communications (8.74%) and Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (6.74%).

In terms of territories, in the last twelve months, all autonomous communities saw increases in new employees. Of note is the increase in Social Security enrolments in the Balearic Islands, with an increase of 8.03%; the Canary Islands, where it grew by 5.84% and the Community of Madrid (4.57%).

Temporary Redundancies (ERTEs)

At the end of October, a total of 165,624 workers were included in Temporary Redundancy Plans. As of 1 December, with the new ERTE regulation, 125,632 ERTEs were registered. It is important to note that these data are provisional. With the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 18/2021, adaptation work has been required in the RED system, meaning that companies report extensions and/or new ERTEs by means of the annotation of the types of inactivities. Although the adaptation process was implemented on 26 November, companies have the whole month of December to register ERTEs with effect from 1 November, meaning that on 2 December many of the variations and new ERTE registrations have not yet been registered. This makes the data available to us provisional and subject to significant variations in the coming days.

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