González Laya and her Colombian counterpart underline the strategic relationship between Spain and Colombia

News - 2021.6.15

This is the first meeting since Ramírez took office as foreign minister in May, although the two met during González-Laya's trip to Colombia in February.

The meeting served to review bilateral relations, the situation in Colombia and international outlook, particularly in Latin America, in the context of the pandemic.

Both ministers underlined the strategic nature of the bilateral relationship between the two countries and the shared will to strengthen it further.

González Laya was interested in the prospects for dialogue between the government and the social sectors involved in the protests, as well as in the mission of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the processes underway in Colombian institutions to interpret the violent acts that took place in the context of the protests. She also reiterated Spain's continued commitment to the peace process in Colombia.

Both ministers had the opportunity to discuss the International Donors' Conference in solidarity with Venezuelan migrants and refugees to be held on 17 June under the Canadian presidency, where both Colombia and Spain have actively participated in its preparation.

The head of Spanish diplomacy once again expressed her recognition of Colombia's generous reception policy and reiterated Spain's firm willingness to continue supporting Colombia and the other Latin American host countries as long as the crisis persists.

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