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Inter-territorial Council specifies an agreement on activities in that are incompatible with use of a face

Wednesday 7 April 2021

The Inter-territorial Council, including representation from all the autonomous regions and cities, together with the Ministry of Health, has defined in an agreement those activities that are incompatible with the use of a face mask.

The agreement provides that the regulation contained in the second paragraph of Article 6.2 of Law 2/2021, of 29 March, on urgent preventive, contention and coordination measures to tackle the health crisis stemming from COVID-19, establishes that the use of a face mask is not required when exercising individually and states that an exception exists on the use of a face mask when, due to the very nature of the activity, this is incompatible, subject to the indications of the health authorities.

Individual exercise is comparable with activities that involve physical efforts of a non-sporting nature in the open air and on an individual basis, maintaining, at all times, the minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people with whom they do not cohabit.

Pool Moncloa / Fernando CalvoThe text specifies that other incompatible activities with the use of a face mask are: bathing in the sea, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other bathing areas, and in open air or covered swimming pools.

Furthermore, rest periods before or after bathing are included, as is the practice of water sports in the same locations. In the case of sunbathing on the beach, by rivers and in similar environments, this time only applies to the moment when people remain on a certain spot and respect the minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other people with whom they do not cohabit. In the case of covered swimming pools or sunbathing on boats, this rest time will only be understood to be that time strictly necessary between periods of activity.

The use of a face mask is also exempt for rescue activities when these are required in water.

You are reminded that the use of a face mask is not necessary during those times strictly necessary to eat or drink in places where these are authorised.

When a face mask must be worn

The document agreed by the Inter-territorial Council also states that activities that are compatible with the use of a face mask include walking along access points to beaches, lakes and other natural environments and walking along the beach shore and other water environments.

Face masks must also be worn when using changing rooms at public or residential swimming pools, except in showers and when inside or outside bars and restaurants aside from when strictly necessary for eating or drinking.

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