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Monthly contributor numbers

In seasonally-adjusted terms, social security system records 19,029,433 contributors in March

Tuesday 6 April 2021

In seasonally-adjusted terms, the average number of national insurance contributors in March stood at 19,029,433, down 45,438 on the previous month, of which 20,000 corresponded to the sub-sector of crop and livestock farming and fisheries. Since May 2020, the time of the greatest impact of the pandemic on the job market, 668,023 contributors have been recovered.

By economic activity, seasonally-adjusted contributor numbers rose in March in construction (up 5,964), as in all the months since the start of the pandemic, except January. It also rose in industry (up 879), where the number of contributors has risen in every month since June 2020. In contrast, numbers dropped in the services sector by 34,006 and in crop and livestock farming and fisheries by 20,040.

The number of non-salaried workers in seasonally-adjusted terms rose by 1,662 contributors, while the number of salaried workers fell by 46,449.

Monthly change

In March, the average number of National Insurance contributors, without a seasonal adjustment, stood at 18,920,902, up 70,790 on the average for February (up 0.38%). Of these, 10,098,955 were men and 8,821,947 were women.

By sector, contributor numbers rose in services (up 69,209), construction (up 18,314) and in industry (3.833), while it fell in crop and livestock farming, and fisheries (down 20,565) compared with February.

Specifically, monthly contributors under the General Regime rose in March by 53,831 workers (up 0.35%), to stand at a total of 15,581,654. The Special Systems for Agricultural Workers fell by 23,494 and rose for Domestic Workers by 1,061.

By sector, contributor numbers rose in hotel and catering by 31,421 (up 3.29%), artistic activities and entertainment by 4,231 (up 1.88%) and construction by 15,767 (up 1.84%).

The largest declines under the General Regime were posted in financial activities and insurance, which fell by 2,067 workers (down 0.65%) and administrative and auxiliary activities, which fell by 5,495 workers (down 0.43%).

The Regime for Self-Employed Workers posted 3,277,500 average contributors, following an increase of 15,245 in the month (up 0.47%). The Regime for Seamen posted 60,673 contributors, 1,726 more than in February (up 2.93 %) and the Regime for Coal Workers stood at 1,075 contributors on average (down 12).

All of the autonomous regions saw a rise in average contributor numbers, headed up by the Balearic Islands (up 1.52%), Cantabria (up 0.89%) and the Region of Murcia (up 0.84%).

Any comparison with the previous year is not very representative, due to the strong impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market in mid-March 2020.

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