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Institute of Cinematography and the Audiovisual Arts launches new "This is Spanish Cinema" initiative

Tuesday 30 March 2021

The central piece is supported by two more specific videos that will be published during the course of April: one on films directed by women and another focused on short films.

Through this initiative, the ICAA seeks to highlight the talent, variety and vitality of the Spanish film industry, as well as its spirit of resistance against the challenges of these uncertain times stemming from the health crisis. "With the delay of major international releases, the Spanish film industry has been left to keep our cinemas going", said Beatriz Navas, Managing Director of the ICAA.

The "This is Spanish Cinema" piece shows a selection of the most outstanding films from 2020, whether due to their box office success or their involvement in national and international festivals. The video focusing on films directed by women underlines the leading role played by women filmmakers in the latest efforts by the Spanish film industry, something that was recognised at award ceremonies held during the first quarter of 2021. The video focusing on short films highlights the value of a format that not only emerging producers embrace in the early years of their careers but is also a universe unto itself in constant development and a breeding ground for creative and industrial innovation.

The music used for these pieces was provided by Alberto Iglesias, Christina Rosenvinge and Meneo, writers of the soundtracks for La Voz Humana, Karen and The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo, respectively.

Mainly targeted at the online environment and social media, the campaign is supported by four hashtags:

  • #EstoEsCineEspañol. Daring, character, light, strength and fresh are just a few of the qualities that drive the Spanish film industry and make it recognisable wherever it is shown.
  • #EllasHacenCineEspañol. Women who produce, write, edit, direct, provide the soundtrack for and star in Spanish cinema.
  • #EstoEsCortoEspañol. Short films create their own universe in constant development and provide a breeding ground for creative and industrial innovation.
  • #YoVoyAlCine. This slogan accompanies all communications from the ICAA since it was launched by the sector in July 2020, particularly highlighting the fact that cinemas are safe places because films can be enjoyed while respecting the health recommendations at any given time.

Almost 90 participating films

Almost 90 films are referenced in the pieces, including extracts from Las niñas, Adú, Nieva en Benidorm, El año del descubrimiento, La voz humana, Padre no hay más que uno 2, El inconveniente, Akelarre, Cartas mojadas, Sentimental, La boda de Rosa and Explota explota, among many others.

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