Irene Montero closes off 4th edition of Forbes Power Women's Summit

News - 2021.1.21

In her speech, the Minister for Equality quoted the example of recently bringing into line maternity and paternity leave, and the recent entry into force of the Regulations on Equal Pay and Equality Plans in companies, "which place us at the vanguard on this issue in Europe".

Irene Montero stated that overcoming the care crisis, reorganising the use of time in our society and achieving a fully equal, dignified and decent labour environment "is a challenge that we must address through companies and public authorities", highlighting the role of the Spanish Institute of Women in its task of accompanying and advising companies on labour equality.

Irene Montero recalled that this year the Co-responsibility Plan will be set in motion. This is a new public policy based on the premise that "the State must also be co-responsible" and take on-board the idea that the family care of children "is not an innate duty of women, but rather a collective task to strengthen our democracy and our economy".

The minister highlighted the symbolic, powerful and inspirational effect of an event like the Forbes Power Women's Summit. Its strength, she said, "does not come from the law, but from real examples". And in order to have visionary women, she remarked, "there must be girls with access to all the tools and rights needed". In this regard, Irene Montero pinpointed the UN Women, Generation Equality Forum initiative, which Spain will plan a very active role in.

Irene Montero closed off her speech by stressing the need to focus efforts "on forging present, real and far-reaching transformations, which change the present and also the future". Transformations which "consolidate rights, eradicate stereotypes and male prejudices, and lead to equality between men and women". "We need a feminist transition that incorporates all women as citizens in their own right at all levels".

As a government, she ended by saying, "our challenge is to implement feminist public policies to transform society". "I am fully aware that this also means working side-by-side with the scientific fabric, with civil society, and obviously with the business world". One area - businesses - which will inevitably "be involved in these far-reaching transformations and can commit to them", is one of the drivers of this feminist transition, "which our society so badly needs".

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