Reyes Maroto presents 'Travel safe' - the new Turespaña campaign to recover trust of travellers

News - 2020.12.3

The Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the Director-General of TURESPAÑA, Miguel Sanz, have presented a new communication strategy with the slogan 'Travel Safe', inspired with two goals: firstly, to inform of the requirements and conditions for safe travel and, secondly, to inspire and influence travellers' intentions, encouraging them to purchase safe trips.

In her speech, the minister highlighted that "through this campaign, we want to position the Spain tourism brand as a prescriber of safety on trips and contribute to generate confidence in tourism so that inbound tourists once again come to our country. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, in addition to the phase of inspiration, planning and booking in the decision-making process of the trip, we now have the search for health measures and conditions, both in the country of origin and destination. Under this new communication campaign, we offer an official and updated version to help recover traveller confidence and safety".

'Travel Safe' is a 360º communication strategy based on informative content on safety and precautionary measures, which will be developed through a microsite with information for travellers incorporated on the official tourism portal, in Spanish and in nine other languages.

An interactive microsite

An interactive map of Spain will help shape the microsite, which will also include a technological application - wholly Spanish - which updates the information on a daily basis, both regarding entry requirements to Spain and the measures adopted in each autonomous region. Accordingly, the traveller can easily consult all the information on regional border closures, mobility restrictions, restaurant capacity and other tourist services.

The content of the 'Travel Safe' microsite is presented in a straight-forward fashion, providing the keys, tools and content to travel better and more safely. Information is provided so that the traveller can see all the preventive and regulatory measures before, during and after the trip. The content is structured according to the type of destination, like sun and sand destinations, enjoying safe nature and safe city tourism; content which will be extended. And in terms of the supply, it will talk about safety in hotels, restaurants, museums, with links to the different protocols in the various tourism sub-sectors.

The microsite will also offer official information on the measures imposed by different countries for travellers arriving from Spain (diagnostic test requirements, quarantines).

In addition to the microsite, the strategy, using its own resources, is completed with a communication plan on TURESPAÑA's social media, the publication of a newsletter via CRM, and public relations actions. In order to strengthen the communication using its own resources, a campaign will be launched through 100% digital payment channels, which will combine programmed advertising actions, social ads and advertising in native languages in the main European emitting markets. Lastly, work will be done with prescribers and influencers to help our messages reverberate and contribute to their dissemination.

The 'Travel Safe' campaign will be launched in mature European markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland and Poland. The campaign will go on as long as the measures to prevent the spread continue, and is designed to work alongside other TURESPAÑA advertising campaigns to attract tourists.

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