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WTO resolution

Reyes Maroto trusts that United States will remove customs duties on Spanish products following World Trade Organization resolution

Tuesday 13 October 2020

This decision is based on the investigation by the WTO that recognises that the subsidies granted by the US to Boeing are unlawful pursuant to the WTO's rules. Following the announcement of this resolution, the WTO will formalise its authorisation in the next few weeks, which will allow the European Union to exercise its rights vis-à-vis the US.

"This is a good result for the European Union and for Spain", said the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, "since it confirms that the United States did not comply with the guidelines from the first panel on Boeing". Reyes Maroto trusts that the US will withdraw it customs duties on Spanish products" and resume "negotiations" to avoid the application by the European Union of the customs duties authorised by the WTO on its products. The minister recalled that the measures adopted by the US have disproportionally and unfairly penalised the Spanish agri-food industry, a sector that is beyond the scope of the conflict.

The Government of Spain has reiterated on many occasions its full-on opposition to the imposition of customs duties as a result of this conflict between Airbus and Boeing and has always advocated the search for a negotiated solution. Minister Maroto has conveyed this to the North American Administration in the many talks held.

In the absence of a negotiated solution, and if the US does not remove the counter-measures, the European Union will be forced to exercise its rights to impose the opportune customs duties counter-measures.

The EU also hopes that the negotiations will mean it does not have to exercise its own customs rights and that a mutually beneficial consensual solution can be reached which guarantees the development of the aeronautical sector by both parties and that no sectors are thereby prejudiced.

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