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Coronavirus COVID-19

Spain takes part in a summit with 18 countries to step up scientific cooperation to combat COVID-19

Tuesday 15 September 2020

In his speech, Minister Duque set out the main actions that the Ministry of Science and Innovation has developed from the start of this pandemic, mainly through the financing of research projects and supporting projects at a business level. He also explained that, with the aim of having reliable information and data to take better decisions, a Multi-disciplinary Work Group has been set up and a National ENE-COVID Seroprevalence Study has been conducted which will be repeated in the coming weeks to continue making progress on the coronavirus and the disease that causes it.

Together with Spain, the meeting was attended by representatives from Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Peru, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden. The Israeli Minister for Science and Technology, Izhar Shay, opened and closed the meeting.

The participants signed a joint statement expressing their interest in strengthening cooperation between their countries and stepping up efforts in the field of research to combat COVID-19.

With this aim in mind, a new virtual platform was launched at the event to promote global scientific cooperation to combat the new coronavirus. The Israeli minister invited all the representatives to share this new network among the scientific communities in their respective countries, through which researchers can exchange information and collaborate within the framework of their projects.

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