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Until June 2021

Government of Spain invests four million euros in overseas promotion of Spanish foods

Wednesday 9 September 2020

The Government of Spain has allocated four million euros to its commitment to promoting and raising the profile of Spanish foods such as table olives, olive oil and wine, which are among the products hardest hit by either the COVID-19 crisis or the tariffs imposed by the US government.

The campaign, entitled Spain Food Nation, highlights the quality and excellence of Spanish foods and provides market operators with all the necessary information to promote the international commercialisation of Spanish foods.

Coordinated by ICEX, the campaign will begin this week and includes various actions leading up until June 2021 to develop the image of Spain as a country that feeds Europe and the world safely.

Focused on promoting olives and olive oil, wine and fish, it will also include actions to highlight the outstanding quality of meats and cured meats, fruits and vegetables, vinegar, saffron and other spices from Spain.

A particular emphasis will be placed on the environmental sustainability of the country with the largest organic farming production in Europe, as well as food safety in its products and the innovation applied to agri-food production.

Furthermore, an emphasis will also be placed on the distinctive business values in the Spanish agri-food sector that were highlighted during the health crisis. These values were clearly reflected in the efforts made to guarantee a food chain that protected supply in Spain, Europe and all other overseas markets, as well as its production diversification efforts to make basic healthcare equipment at a time of high demand worldwide.

The campaign will focus on generating content for international media of high standing (general-interest, lifestyle and sector-focused media) and on the organisation of public relations events. Professionals and consumers with strong purchasing power are the principle targets.

The main countries at which this campaign is aimed include the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and South Korea; followed by Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Ireland, Taiwan and the Middle East markets.

Besides the media campaign, six documentaries will also be produced for the Euronews TV channel. They will be broadcast across its digital platform in 12 languages, reaching viewers in 40 countries on four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia).

Actions will also take place at events organised by ICEX, such as Foods from Spain Middle East and Southeastern Asia Tour, which will be held in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Qatar; Eat Spain, Drink Spain in the United Kingdom; the Open Day 2020 Spanish Food & Wine Showroom importer trade fairs in China; and Spanish Wine Week in Ireland.

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