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At first virtual edition of the Cannes Festival Marché du Film

Spanish cinema pavilion 'Cinema from Spain' wins Best Pavilion Design Award

Thursday 25 June 2020

This award, that has been bestowed by the Marché du Film for the last three years, seeks to highlight the esteemed and beneficial participation of institutions by the Marché du Film.

The jury that awarded this prize was made up of Pierre Lescure, President of the Cannes Festival, Xavier Cailly, Chief Technology Officer of the Bronx communication agency and the journalist Ben Croll. The three men met in Paris at the offices of the festival to travel online around all the pavilions.

According to the information passed on by the Cannes Festival to the ICAA, in its decision the jury was impressed by the dual challenge achieved by the 'Cinema from Spain' pavilion, in relation to both the content and the technology. Its members highlighted the capacity of the pavilion to offer the visitor complete and precise information that covers an impressive variety of issues in a very clear and structured fashion, whilst managing to give visibility to the content with a striking design that is omnipresent throughout the whole experience for the visitor, from the entrance desk to the traditional chill out space to end the working day.

"Since the Cannes Festival announced that the Marché du Film would be held in this special virtual edition, we got down to work", declared José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes when informed of the prize won. "We have worked side-by-side at the ministerial department through the ICAA with the sales agencies, the Spain Film Commission, the ICEX and the regional governments that attended Spain's physical pavilion in the past. This work was based on collaboration, and this recognition is an example of our ability to achieve important things. The greatest satisfaction is that this is being done for Spanish cinema. This is an acknowledgement that paves the way to continue working and that fills us with pride", concluded the minister.

By bestowing this award, the Marché du Film congratulates all the participating institutions on their involvement in this new virtual adventure.

Pavilion activity

'Cinema from Spain is a virtual space given over to both promoting Spanish films in the market and to attracting filming of foreign films and co-productions.

A broad range of activities have been designed for the pavilion, including a screening room dedicated exclusively to Spanish cinema, a speed meetings session for projects underway, a presentation of the leading films by the Spanish sales agencies engaged in the market with the presence of their actors and directors, two panels that analyse new tax breaks in Spain and Ibero-America, and even after work activities, such as the 'Let's Dance' initiative, where professionals are invited to end their hard day at work by listening to the playlists specially prepared by well-known Spanish talent for the pavilion.

The events are open to all those accredited by the Marché du Film and talks are also streamed on the Facebook page of the ICAA, where all the activity taking place at the Marché du Film can be followed.

Other institutions are also present at the pavilion together with the ICAA, such as the ICEX, Invest in Spain, the Spain Film Commission, and representatives of the cinema authorities of Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Basque Country and Madrid, among others. In addition, and as the country hosting the presidency of Ibermedia at this time, the Spanish pavilion has a specific space for the Ibero-American programme of activities.

The architecture of the pavilion has been designed by The Film Agency and its development and construction by Binalogue.

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