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Measures to make certain restrictions in small towns and villages more flexible published in Official State Gazette

News - 2020.5.22

The text adapts the de-escalation strategy to the specific features of these populations, where there is less risk of crowding and busy collective public transport.

In this regard, the Order will not apply if these towns and villages have a consolidated town/village centre adjacent to the town/village centre of another town that has a population of more than 10,000 inhabitants and a population density of more than 100 inhabitants per square kilometre. Nor will these measures apply when the total number of inhabitants of adjacent consolidated town/village centres exceeds the number of inhabitants of the population density established.

Those towns and villages that meet these requirements and that are in Phases 0 or 1 may sign up to some of the measures set down for Phase 2. These include eliminating the time slots that determine when those under the age of 14 can go out and when non-professional physical activity can be practised in the open air. The limit of one adult going out with a maximum of three children is also eliminated. All of those living at the same address may go out together.

These activities may only be carried out within the town/village limits or, in default thereof, within a maximum distance of five kilometres, including adjacent towns and villages, provided that these also benefit from these more flexible measures and belong to the same territorial unit of reference.

In those types of populations in Phase 1, groups of a maximum of 15 people can go out together, not including those who live together, provided they respect the safety and hygiene measures.

Open air markets

The Order also allows local authorities to authorise open air markets and street vendors to operate in the public streets. Preference will be given to food products and basic goods, and they must ensure that consumers do not handle the products.

Local authorities must guarantee the safety and distance between workers, customers and passers-by. To achieve that, requirements on minimum distances between stalls will be established as will the conditions for the boundary of the market.

Bars and restaurants may also re-open to the public to eat and drink on the premises, except for discotheques and nightclubs. The provision of service to outdoor terraces will be conducted as in Phase 1.

As regards funeral wakes, burials, places of worship, library services and the practice of sporting activities, the measures under Phase 2 will be applied.

Open air sports facilities may open provided that these comply with the requirements established in Phase 1.

In order to guarantee compliance with these more flexible measures, local councils, provincial councils, island councils and/or district authorities, under the coordination of the corresponding regional government, will approve plans to adapt public spaces. They may also adopt measures to restrict access to natural spaces when they consider a risk of crowds forming may exist.

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