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Government declares 370 tourist accommodation sites throughout the country as essential services to house workers in specific sectors

Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Order contains a list of 370 tourist accommodation sites distributed around the country that will be closed to the general public, but which must allow those workers carrying out maintenance work, providing healthcare services, repairs and works, and the supply and distribution of essential services to stay there.

The aim is to guarantee the provision of essential services by companies and suppliers necessary for providing goods to the public and maintaining key services. This measure also seeks to avoid negative effects on employment and business viability deriving from the suspension of public contracts and their negative structural impact on this part of the productive fabric.

These workers who will potentially be housed in this manner include maintenance workers, those proving healthcare, the repair and implementation of general interest works, the distribution of agri-food and fish products, crew for shipping vessels and complementary services, and workers in the health, ports, airports, roads and railways sectors, the agri-food industry, maritime rescue and security.

It also applies to those engaged in the installation, maintenance and repair of telecommunications networks and data processing centres, the supply of energy and water, goods transport services and supplies, and passenger transport under the activities allowed pursuant to Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March, as well as essential services, such as State law enforcement officers and workers who must develop activities included in Articles 17 and 19 of the aforesaid Royal Decree.

Guarantee the provision of services

In addition, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda may extend, modify, revise or update the list of tourist accommodation contained in the annex of the Order as and when necessary in order to guarantee the provision of services, following a request made by the corresponding ministerial department.

Tourist accommodation sites declared as essential services will also allow the accommodation of people who must travel to look after the elderly, children, those in long-term care, persons with disabilities, people who are particularly vulnerable or that require medical attention, among other cases, in accordance with the situations provided for in Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March, as well as all those people who due to causes of force majeure or situations of need, require urgent accommodation in specific cases.

The rest of the tourist accommodation that does not appear in the annex of the Order may only provide accommodation to the groups mentioned above.

The accommodation mentioned in this Order will provide a restaurant service and any other service that may be necessary for the correct provision of the accommodation service, when enabled to do so, and exclusively for those people who are staying there. Without prejudice to this, access to the bathroom and restaurant facilities and services will be permitted to hauliers even though they are not staying there.

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