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Minister for Work and Social Economy takes part in open debate with Director-General of ILO, Guy Ryder

Government announces that Spain to begin ratification of ILO Convention 190 on harassment and violence in world of work

Monday 2 March 2020

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, subsequently held a working meeting with the Director-General of the ILO, Guy Ryder, at Moncloa Palace.

According to the Minister for Work and Social Economy, this cross-cutting convention will have a major impact because "it does not limit harassment and violence to the workplace, but expands the concept to include journeys to and from the location where professional activities are performed". This convention will also recognise this situation without taking into account the type of contract the worker has signed, and includes interns, for example.

The convention that Spain will ratify will not only regulate the 'quality' of physical workplaces and offices but will also extend to include other professional communications, such as messages, electronic mails and the social media.

The Minister for Work pointed out that "when work conditions improve, unemployment falls and we should work collectively to advocate decent work".

In relation to the situation of women in the labour market, the Minister for Work and Social Economy stressed that we must try and change the fact that they are undervalued and the different salaries they receive for performing the same work as men. "This ministerial department will regulate the presence of women in the labour market to reduce the wage gap, and subsequently, the pension gap", stated Yolanda Díaz.

"Twilight zone" for false independent contractors

Yolanda Díaz placed special emphasis on the major challenge posed this century by the change in the productive process, and pointed to the urgent need to legislate on the labour situation of "false independent contractors" who are in a "twilight zone". Accidents at work was another of the issues addressed in the debate that Minister Yolanda Díaz took part in, regarding which she affirmed that "the chain of job insecurity has a negative effect".

"We must continue strengthening the Work Inspectorate with different specific training with a view to gender", recalled the minister, who also qualified that we must place special emphasis "not only on accidents, but also on updating occupational diseases".

The Minister for Work and Social Economy praised the social dialogue that "is now possible", stating that this "legitimises and enhances the democratic strength of our decision". "I am aware that sometimes social dialogue does not take us where we want, but it is crucial to educate and this must be passed on to educational units in schools so that boys and girls work on its importance".

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