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Spain commits to stepping up cooperation and coordination at EU level to guarantee the protection of public health

Thursday 13 February 2020

Salvador Illa underlined the will shown by the Member States in recent weeks and expressed his recognition of the response by the World Health Organization (WHO) to this outbreak, "both in proposed protective measures and in the high-level meeting of more than 300 experts that it has promoted in recent days in Geneva". In this regard, the minister stressed that "scientific-technical leadership is a must".

He also expressed his gratitude to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for its work providing technical guidelines on prophylaxis and the possibilities for treating people and families infected, as well as for the protection of healthcare professionals.

The minister explained that preventive and preparatory measures have been implemented in Spain which are fully in line with the guidelines of the WHO, the ECDC and the other coordination mechanisms. "Not only are they functioning adequately to protect global public health, but they are also ensuring a coherent approach throughout the EU", he said.

The minister stressed "the importance of taking decisions based on the best evidence available". He underlined that access to continuously updated information and to the results of the research available means that decisions can be adapted to the current situation. "Any act, whether foreseeable or not at present, must also be based on the data available and on scientific evidence", he explained.

"We are acting with rigour and technical criteria, transparently and according to the degree of risk at all times, with measures based on technical criteria, and always attending to the general interest", he argued.

As regards the medical attention to those people affected with the coronavirus, the minister stressed that "Spain has an adequate supply of emergency personnel and equipment at this time", while work is being done to continue ensuring stock in the event of an outbreak.

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