Ministry of Health deploys special team to deal with arrival of Spanish citizens repatriated from Wuhan

News - 2020.1.30

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The Spanish Minister for Health, Salvador Illa, confirmed that "everything is ready to proceed with the repatriation process" after meeting with the various Director-Generals for Public Health of the regional governments and scientific bodies.

Ahead of a decision on the actual flight that will bring them home, two Overseas Healthcare teams are prepared to conduct an initial assessment of the people while on board the aircraft.

The passengers will be taken to the Gómez Ulla Hospital, where they will remain in quarantine for 14 days (the maximum incubation period of the virus). This is an exceptional measure agreed within the EU to guarantee the safety of everyone living in the European Union.

"Our responsibility is to ensure they can return with all the guarantees in place for their own safety and that of the general public", said Salvador Illa. "That's why we are going to take every precaution to avoid any risk", he said.

The hospital has set aside an entire floor to house the Spanish citizens coming from Wuhan. These people will have complete freedom of movement within the quarantine area and will be provided with everything they need. A number of children are among those being repatriated. "We are going to try to make their stay in hospital as comfortable as possible", stressed the minister.

The healthcare professionals who will look after these people are specifically trained to deal with this type of situation. They will be equipped with the means of protection specified in Spanish protocols.

The people in quarantine will be able to receive visits from their relatives under controlled circumstances and after providing them with the necessary means of protection.

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