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From 14 to 20 October

Over 40 activities and free admission for under-30s during 'Young Museum' week

Wednesday 9 October 2019

For seven days, 'Young Museum' week will offer more than 40 activities at 13 State museums located in various cities around Spain:

Ministerio de Cultura y DeporteThe various activities include concerts, games, meetings with professionals, cinema courses, urban art and graffiti, photography courses, dance and comic workshops, among other initiatives, for a programme that has been designed to highlight the historic heritage housed by these museums.

To do so, support has been received from youth organisations of the autonomous regions where the museums are located, as well as by secondary schools, design schools, cinema schools, youth associations, arts and trade schools, and associations of friends of the museums.

Furthermore, and as a central theme running through the project, INJUVE is organising the transnational course entitled OMG Youth at the Museums, which seeks to analyse the barriers that separate young people from museums and possible ways to overcome those barriers. The selected participants from various European countries will have the opportunity in Madrid, Merida, Cartagena, Santillana del Mar, Toledo, Valladolid and Valencia to observe the development of activities and to interact with visitors.

Concerts, workshops, theatre, meetings… against a backdrop of cultural heritage

Music will play a major part in this year's 'Young Museum' week. The National Archaeological Museum will host concerts by: Kids From Mars, a mixture of electronic and pop music; Lisasinson, who combines punk and pop sounds in Spanish; La Creativa Junior Big Band, a band of young people from the Creative Music School; and Laura Llera, with her urban music style. Also in Madrid, the National Museum of Anthropology will welcome the rapper, Yslem, Hijo del Desierto.

The National Museum of Roman Art will host a concert by the Youth Orchestra of Merida, as well as other activities to immerse visitors in Roman culture. Dance will be represented at the El Greco Museum with a workshop entitled 'Oro y plata de Ramón' from the company For The Fun of It and LABC.

Ministerio de Cultura y DeporteThe workshops, meetings and games form part of the 'Young Museum' week as an entertaining introduction to the world of art, history and culture: the experimental archaeology workshop entitled 'El universo de bronce', organised by the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. ARQUA; the workshop entitled 'Arte urbano y Grafiti' at the National Museum of Anthropology given by the urban artist, Pastron7#; the photography workshop given by Juan Carlos Quindós at the Casa de Cervantes Museum; and the numerous games and tours related to history at the National Archaeological Museum.

The National Museum of Decorative Arts is offering a meeting entitled 'It's a Design Match' with design professionals who will subsequently exhibit a selection of their creations for a month; while the Fashion Museum will host a meeting with the designer, María Escoté, who will join the workshops entitled 'Las revistas de moda' and 'Los secretos de las exposiciones' being organised by the museum this year.

The Museum of Romanticism will offer workshops visits entitled 'La moda del Siglo XIX y su influencia en la moda contemporánea actual', guided by the designer, Jacq the Rimmel; the Sephardic Museum proposes making a film and screening its premiere in the museum itself, with the Synagogue of El Tránsito as its set; and the National Museum of Sculpture is organising various activities in which the focus will be on creativity, both at the museum and in the surrounding area.

Experimenting with drawing on limestone rock using Palaeolithic cave art techniques guided by the archaeologist, Luis M. Serna, and the artist, José Luis Mazarío, is what the Altamira Museum will be offering, which is also inviting people to draw in the natural environment that surrounds the cave with the activity entitled #MuseoSinPrisas.

In turn, the National Museum of Ceramics is focusing its activities on youth employability in the field of cultural heritage, as well as organising a live painting contest inspired by the frescos at the museum.

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