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"Walk and cycle safely"

Ministry for Ecological Transition encourages all local councils, corporations, associations and institutions to take part in European Mobility Week (EMW) 2019

Thursday 5 September 2019

This project, which is held each year between 16 and 22 September, with registration open until it ends on 22 September, seeks to raise awareness among political leaders and citizens of the benefits of sustainable transport on public health and the environment. Through the exchange of experiences with other European local councils, EMW seeks new solutions to problems associated with increased traffic in cities, and to raise awareness among citizens of the impact that the choice of the means of transport has on the quality of the urban environment.

This initiative, that began in Europe back in 1999, has been backed since the year 2000 by the European Commission by holding the "Car free Day" and since 2002 in the organisation of "Mobility Week", which seeks to foster the development of good practices and the adoption of permanent measures.

Spain, leader in participation

Since the start of the project back in the year 2000, Spain has been the leader in participation. So far this year, 416 Spanish local councils have registered out of the 2,102 councils throughout Europe. Furthermore, 122 out of the 1,922 corporations, organisations and institutions registered for mobility actions for good practices throughout Europe are also Spanish. It is likely that both these figures will rise since the deadline for registration will remain open until 22 September, the last day of this year's European Mobility Week. Spain's leadership is strengthened as a result of its promotion and spread among participating European countries of the mobility actions initiative to foster good mobility practices by corporations, social organisations and institutions.

The active participation of civil society, social organisations, institutions and corporations is particularly worthy of mention, which will carry out actions related to sustainable mobility during EMW to raise awareness among citizens of the individual and collective benefits of a change in behaviour when opting for a non-polluting means of transport.

In line with this project, the Ministry for Ecological Transition has carried out a survey that will be sent out in the coming days to all its employees to discover the mobility habits of its departmental staff. The aim is to draw up a mobility plan at work that incorporates the recommendations on this matter from specialised bodies, as well as from the European Union and international organisations, to improve vital environments, thereby meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (2030).

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