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In the first round of negotiations to renew the agreement

Agreement on extension of current fisheries protocol between Mauritania and European Union to November 2020

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Upon a proposal from Spain, Mauritania has established an alternative procedure for unloading in the event of a repeat of the road blocks in recent months.

Spain's priority in this round has been to avoid the interruption of the current protocol, which runs out on 15 November. The Spanish delegation, which has taken part in these meetings in Brussels between 2 and 4 September, is satisfied at the result achieved, since a one-year extension has been agreed under the same conditions as the current protocol. This extension has been formalised through an exchange of letters of agreement that must be ratified by the European Council in the coming weeks.

A provisional solution has also been found to any road blocks on the border with Morocco.

The Spanish fleet that catches cod and other demersal species for sales of fresh fish has suffered significant losses in recent months by the road blocks as a result of a conflict on the border between Mauritania and Morocco.

Upon a proposal from Spain, an extraordinary procedure has been agreed in the event of any repeat of these episodes, which will mean that catches can be unloaded at ports outside of Mauritania in the event of any reoccurrence of these incidents.

Negotiations were maintained between public workers at the European Commission and the Mauritanian administration. The European Commission has been assisted by public servants from the General Secretariat for Fisheries of Spain, as well as by experts from France, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

A second round of negotiations will be held on the content of the agreement and the protocol, scheduled for later in September in Mauritania.

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