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Within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism "rescEU transition"

Spain sends an amphibious aircraft to aid Greece in fighting wildfires

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The plane took off at 11 am, and is due to arrive in Greece at around 8 pm, Spanish time, at Elefsis air base, with a technical refuelling stopover in Sardinia.

The plane belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and forms part of the resources made available under the European programme rescEU Transition as a means of collaboration between Member States of the EU to provide support in situations of extraordinary emergency, particularly those caused by wildfires.

A C-295 support plane that belongs to the Ministry of Defence, together with a relief crew, mechanics and liaison and coordination personnel will accompany the Canadiar plan, in accordance with the protocol for action established between Spain and the European Commission.

Spain has made two amphibious planes available under this programme, which have the technical specifications to operate overseas, located at Torrejón air base in Madrid and Matacán air base in Salamanca, which will be operational between 15 June and 31 October.

For this mission, one of the two aircraft has been sent, given the existing risk of wildfires in our country and the needs being covered to provide support for the regional governments.

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