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Acting Vice-President of the Government presides over events in Seville to commemorate 5th centenary of first voyage around the world

Carmen Calvo praises navigators of first voyage around the world, "Spain owes them a great debt of admiration and respect"

Seville, Saturday 10 August 2019

"Their tenacity, courage, resistance and ability to seek to understand the world and unravel the mysteries of nature call us here to pay tribute to them 500 years on", she added.

Carmen Calvo presided over the events to commemorate the 5th centenary of the first voyage around the world, together with the Acting Minister for Culture, José Guirao, and the Chief of the Naval Staff (Ajema), Admiral Teodoro López Calderón. The Acting Minister for the Treasury, María Jesús Montero and many other leading military and civilian figures also attended the event.

The day began with a formal tribute, with military honours and a parade, for the sailors that took part in the expedition. Admiral López Calderón laid a laurel wreath on the memorial erected to Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Following this act, one of the most emotive events of the day was held with the raising of the flag of the 5th centenary of the first voyage around the world by the Golden Tower. At this time, the Acting Vice-President of the Government called on today's society to "seek out their own Magallanes and Elcanos" to tackle the challenges of the future.

"A society such as ours must seek out its own Magallanes and Elcanos. Where are they, what can they invent and how much are they willing to risk? - asked Carmen Calvo -adding that the "only difference with these Magallanes and Elcanos that we seek today is that half of them are women".

Exhibition site "that reflects the light and sound of this feat"

After raising the flag to celebrate the 5th centenary of the first voyage around the world, the Vice-President of the Government visited Marqués de Contadero Palace, where she inaugurated, together with the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, the President of the Nao Victoria Foundation, José Fernández de Cabo, and the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno, the Exhibition Centre of the First Voyage round the World. The display provides an interesting journey featuring the exploits of Magallanes, Elcano and their crew, with the vessel, the Nao Victoria, playing a central role, which returned to Seville in 1522, after a three-year voyage around the world.

Carmen Calvo congratulated the Nao Victoria Foundation, "which, in cooperation with the public authorities, has created an exhibition site that reflects the light and sound of this feat", she stressed.

The Vice-President of the Government expressed her satisfaction at the "connection of this exhibition with nature". One of the great challenges that we will have to tackle in this world is the sustainability of the plant. Conveying these message to young people is decisive", she stressed.

Carmen Calvo concluded her speech by expressing her gratitude at the collaboration between all the authorities and institutions that made this celebration possible, which will continue for the next three years.

"As President of the National Commission for the commemoration of this 5th centenary for our country, I feel tremendous gratitude at our ability, between us all, to have coordinated this project which will unfold the holding of 300 events over the next three years", she underlined.

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