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Balance for July

New all-time record for National Insurance figures, which closed July with average of 19,533,211 contributors

Friday 2 August 2019

This total reflects the increases in the three main economic activities - Industry, Construction and Services - and the decline in Agriculture, Livestock Farming and Fisheries.

The average number of contributors rose by 15,514 (up 0.08%) in July; and by 490,401 in the last 12 months (up 2.58%). In seasonally-adjusted terms, the average number of contributors rose in July 2019 on the previous month by 4,334 workers.

In May 2019, the number of women in work exceeded the 9 million barrier for the first time. In July, this figure stood at 9,006,924 women. In percentage terms, the year-on-year rise in the number of women in work (3.05%) is higher than that for men (2.17%).

Comparison with 2018

Over the last 12 months, the system has incorporated 490,401 new contributors (2.58%). 479,263 workers correspond to the General Regime, which saw a rise of 3.05%.

The Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers saw a year-on-year rise of 11,664 workers (up 0.36%). The Regime for Seamen grew by 0.47% (up 322), while the Regime for Coal Workers posted a decline of 849 contributors (down 38.43%).

Compared with last year, the number of workers has increased in all provinces (except Orense, where it fell by 0.04%), and in all autonomous regions and cities. The largest increases were posted by the Region of Murcia (up 3.47%), the Region of Madrid (up 3.45%), the Region of Valencia (up 3.07%) and Andalusia (up 3.07%), and the autonomous cities of Ceuta (up 6.71%) and Melilla (2.75%).

Comparison with June

The General Regime posted a rise of 20,940 workers in July (up 0.13%) to stand at a total of 16,183,392 workers.

Within this regime, contributor numbers grew in absolute terms in most sectors of activity in July, particularly Healthcare Activities and Social Services, with 54,465 (up 3.46%), followed by Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles, with 40,417 (up 1.64%), Hotel and Catering, with 29,262 (up 2.02%); Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Services, with 14,946 (up 1.11%) and Manufacturing Industry, with 10,917 (up 0.58%).

In contrast, the largest decline was posted in Education, as in each July, coinciding with the end of the school year, which dropped by 108,616 (down 11.74%).

The Special System for Agricultural Workers posted a decline in average contributor numbers of 48,541 to stand at 728,787 people (down 6.24%). This fall is similar to that of recent years, since July is when certain important agricultural campaigns traditionally close, including the strawberry harvest in Huelva.

For its part, the Special System for Domestic Workers saw a decline of 4,188 workers (down 1.03%), to stand at a total of 401,513 workers. 3,278,833 contributors were registered under the Regime for Self-Employed Workers, following a decline of 7,767 people in the last month (down 0.24%).

The Special Regime for Seamen rose by 2,356 workers to stand at 69,625 average contributors (up 3.5%). Finally, the Special Regime for Coal Workers consists of 1,360 workers (down 17).

Contributor numbers particularly rose in July in the autonomous regions of Galicia (up 12,290), Catalonia (up 12,193), the Balearic Islands (up 11,371) and Castile and Leon (up 9,593).

In contrast, the largest declines were posted in the Region of Madrid (down 16,849), Andalusia (down 14,712), the Canary Islands (down 4,465) and the Basque Country (down 3,873).

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