Spain deplores confiscation of pharmaceutical company SM PHARMA

News - 2019.2.9

The company has shown its commitment to Venezuela, offering the authorities to increase its productive and commercial activity provided that the law is applied and that it is allowed to operate normally.

The confiscation of the company, under the instructions of the governor, Omar Prieto, was performed without respecting the laws of Venezuela and without any legally founded justification. This also violates the commitments taken on with the Government of Spain.

This measure directly prejudices the Venezuelan health sector and the supply of essential products that benefit society. It also amounts to a violation of the rule of law and sends out a signal to national and international investors regarding the lack of legal certainty in the country.

The Government of Spain calls for Venezuelan legislation to be complied with and to cease the occupation of the factory so that SM PHARMA can return to a position whereby it can offer medication and pharmaceutical products that the people of Venezuela need.

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