International Open Data Conference publishes IODC16 report

News - 2017.2.14

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This content will facilitate the design of the path to be taken in the future, will contribute to strengthening the cohesion between the open data community and will serve to explore new ways to use data such that it will allow for greater economic and social inclusion at a global level.

Another of the most important results of IODC16 has been the drafting of a new Roadmap and the 2nd Action Plan for International Collaboration, which is also available on the aforesaid web page. This Action Plan, which will be worked on until the next IODC18 International Conference, to be held in Argentina, is structured around the following seven areas:

1. Principles (extending the political commitment to open data principles).

2. Open standards (adopting open standards focused on the user).

3. Build capabilities (capabilities to open and effectively use data).

4. Innovation networks (strengthening networks that solve common problems).

5. Measurement and evaluation (actions on open data based on evidence).

6. Global objectives (open data to support the sustainable development agenda).

7. Regional dialogue (connect with local communities).

Argentina 2018

Under the motto "Global objectives, local impact", the 4th International Open Data Conference gathered together representatives of countries from the northern and southern hemispheres in Madrid back in October 2016 to set trends and establish global collaboration policies on the subject of open data to help lead to greater economic and social development.

Furthermore, the event, organised jointly by the World Bank, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada and the Open Data for Development Network (OD4D), represented a major effort in terms of public-private collaboration, thanks to the participation and dialogue between experts from various sectors, the open data community, senior public officials, industry executives and representatives of civil society and academia.

In its fourth edition, this was the first time the event had been organised in Europe, enjoying attendance from close on 1,700 participants from 89 different countries at more than 80 talks with 330 speakers, accumulating 30,000 hours of shared experiences and 80 million hits on social media.

IODC16 represents a milestone in the open data universe, one more step in the goal of seeking innovative solutions and practices in such areas as science, agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, the environment, culture, education and data journalism.

During the conference, a debate was held on the consolidation of international agreements to help boost open data, the identification and exploration of new opportunities and the generation of more spaces to facilitate the establishment of global ties and partnerships.

The next International Conference will take place in Argentina in 2018, and will represent a great opportunity to build and strengthen the ties with the open data community in Latin America.