Spain has taken in 187 refugees to be relocated, 147 from Greece and 40 from Italy

News - 2016.6.30

To date, Spain has received 187 people under the relocation programme, 147 from Greece and 40 from Italy. Similarly, the Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated a resettlement programme, under which 118 refugees have come to Spain so far, 57 from Turkey and 61 from Lebanon. Hence, since the end of 2015, 305 asylum-seekers have been taken received in total.

The Spanish System for the Reception and Integration of applicants/beneficiaries of international protection offers its beneficiaries a stay at a reception centre of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security or of an NGO (subsidised by the government) at which they are guaranteed lodging, meals, legal advice, psychological assistance, social care and advice, accompaniment to education centres, public health and social centres, language learning and basic social skills, guidance and intermediation for vocational training and job reinsertion, cultural activities and economic aid.