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The fight against terrorism

Wanted member of ETA, Miren Nekane Txapartegi Nieve, arrested in Switzerland

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Miren Nekane Txapartegi Nieve joined ETA in 1998; initially to provide passports to the organisation and undertake infrastructure tasks in various Central European and South American cities.

She was arrested in 1999 due to her ties to the international arm of ETA and subsequently processed for being a member of ETA. In November 2007, she fled her home to avoid a jail sentence stemming from the final judgement in Case 18/98.

This arrest stems from the strategy adopted by the General Commissariat of Intelligence of the Spanish National Police Force aimed at strengthening international cooperation with a view to bringing all members of ETA with outstanding international arrest warrants to justice. The strategy has led to the arrest of members of this terrorist group in Belgium, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.

The operation remains ongoing.