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Meeting between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and his German counterpart

Tuesday 1 September 2015

The two ministers reviewed the health of bilateral relations, as well as the most pressing issues on the European agenda and in international affairs.

In terms of bilateral affairs, they agreed on the excellent health of political, economic, social and cultural relations. In particular, they welcomed the good results from trade exchanges in 2014, which were accompanied by an increasing business presence and flow of German tourists to Spain.

As regards the European agenda, the two ministers shared concerns over the current migration crisis in Europe. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation explained to his German counterpart the Spanish experience in managing similar situations, such as the so-called "Cayucos Crisis" of 2006, and the two men underlined the important nature of cooperating with the countries of origin and transit.

On Greece, the two ministers welcomed the efforts made to approve the third bailout programme, considering that this is another step towards enabling the country to improve its competitiveness by guaranteeing economic growth and job creation.

Also within the framework of the EU agenda, the two men discussed a number of other issues, such as the future of the integration process, the strengthening of the Eurozone and the Transatlantic Agenda for Trade and Investment.

As regards the multilateral agenda, the two ministers highlighted their mutual willingness to continue working together at the United Nations Security Council and discussed matters of international affairs, such as the escalating situation in Ukraine, the humanitarian situation in Syria, the fight against DAESH, the recent agreement with Iran on the nuclear dossier and the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba.