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Regional State Administration

Sunday 31 December 2017

Regional State Administration

The Regional State Administration is responsible for exercising the State's activity at a provincial level, whereby each provincial Government Representative is in charge of running its administration and coordinating with the administration of each autonomous region.

Government Representatives represent the government in the autonomous regions as provided for in Article 154 of the Spanish Constitution, which states, "A representative appointed by the government will run the State administration in the territory of the autonomous region and will coordinate, as and when appropriate, with the administration of said region".

Government Representations manage and supervise all the services provided by the General State Administration and its public bodies located in its territory (integrated and stand-alone services).

The Regional State Administration is regulated by Law 40/2015, of 1 October, on the Public Sector Legal System, which, in Chapter III contains the provisions relating to the territorial bodies of the General State Administration.

Government Representations are made up of the following bodies:

  • Government Sub-representations in provinces and island departments.
  • Secretariat General and, as the case may be, Vice-Secretariat General.
  • Functional Areas, engaged in managing the integrated services of Public Works, Industry and Energy, Healthcare and Social Policy, Education Inspectorate, and Work and Immigration.
  • Cabinet Office, to provide support and immediate assistance to the Government Representative.
  • Territorial Assistance Committee, made up of the Government Sub-representatives, Island Directors, as the case may be, the Secretary General, the Head of the Cabinet Office, the Directors of the Functional Areas and those responsible for stand-alone services that the Government Representative determines.

Furthermore, the following bodies carry out functions in relations to the Government Representatives pursuant to their specific regulations:

  • State Legal Counsel, legal aid functions.
  • General Comptroller of the General State Administration, audit and financial control functions.

The Regional State Administration, with a budget of 260 million euros, is made up of 6,298 public servants that work in 19 Government Representations, 44 Sub-representations and 7 Island Departments. It has 299 properties and 52 immigration offices where, furthermore, powers of inspection of border health controls, animal healthcare, plant health and pharmacies are exercised, as well as those powers related to gender-based violence units.

Plan to Modernise and Improve the Regional State Administration

The Vice-President of the Government presented the Plan to Modernise and Improve the Regional State Administration in June 2017, which seeks "to attain a more modern, flexible and accessible administration, strengthening the presence of the General State Administration in the regions and improving the quality of public services provided there".

The Action Plan, which has been drawn up by a working group made up of the Government Representatives in Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia and La Rioja, and coordinated by the Government Representative in Aragon, will be developed over the course of five years and is based on three main lines of action.

  • Line One: Boosting the digital transformation

This is contained in the Digital Transformation Plan of the Ministry of the Presidency and Regional Administration, focused on facilitating the easy access of citizens to the different services and procedures.

All processes will be implemented electronically. Electronic relations will also be boosted with the General State Administration and other public authorities to simplify and streamline procedures and facilitate formalities for citizens. This will be extended to all the fees managed by the Government Representations and Sub-representations in the different territories by credit or debit card.

  • Line Two: Improve the image of the Government Representations and Sub-representations

Work is being done on a model of open, accessible and attractive office, so that the General State Administration in the different territories can be perceived as up-to-date, modern, accessible and designed for citizens. To this end, the lists of online services will be homogenised and updated and lists of electronic services will be introduced. Web pages will be designed to include application forms and electronic links. Social media will be set up with information for citizens. The real estate assets and facilities of the General State Administration will be shared in the different territories with citizens by introducing open days, cultural events, visits to centres, etc.

  • Line Three: Streamlining of human and material resources

Work is being done on the reunification, modernisation and optimisation of headquarters. As regards human resources, the number of staff will be increased with the incorporation of the new round of public appointments, which is 50% up on the number of places offered last year. Furthermore, training packages are being prepared for specialisation in each area, with the aim of fostering versatility and the handling of digital administration. Specifically, future solutions will be sought for 24-hour communication systems, the rationalisation of timetables in continuous services, the consolidation of the single customs office project, improved service at international vaccination centres, the reunification of offices and the abolition of leases.

In practice, the three main lines of action to be implemented in the Regional State Administration can be summarised in the goal of attaining a more modern and efficient administration through the simplification of procedures, bringing the administration closer to those citizens that do not live in big cities, fostering electronic government and the management of resources in a more rational and efficient manner, such that economic growth and social prosperity can be better spread around the whole of the country.