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Spain Today 2017


'Spain Today 2017' presents an updated and comprehensive vision of the reality of Spain during this period, characterised by the bedding down of the economic recovery and marked by the celebration of 40 years since the first democratic elections, and 25 years since the Barcelona Olympics and the Universal Exposition of Seville (Expo '92).

 After seeing the figures for growth in the second quarter of the year, the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, highlighted that "we can now assert that we have recovered the level of wealth enjoyed prior to the crisis", one of the main goals of the government for 2017. This economic growth has led to the creation of 660,400 new jobs in the year to date.

The commitment to the recovery and growth by the government has been backed up by actions designed to strengthen transparency and good governance, to transform and modernise the public administration services and to combat corruption.

Defence, the fight against Jihadi terrorism and the management of migration flows are the cornerstones of Spain's international presence on the European Councils, the informal summits in Malta and Rome, the summits of the Southern European countries and those summits held in Versailles and Paris, as well as the G-20 debates and the high-level bilateral meetings held with the Governments of France, Portugal and Poland.

2017 is proving to be yet another example of the ability of the Spanish people to prosper and their involvement in the construction and transformation of our society. 'Spain Today 2017' seeks to publicise this effort, the progress made and the successes achieved by us all during this period through its new online version, thus taking one more step in the development of the historic series of this work.


Carmen Martínez Castro 

State Secretary for Communication