Political Declaration

Economic and trade relations: the UK wants an ambitious Free Trade Agreement to constitute the core of future relations with the European Union. The UK wants greater regulatory autonomy in this new relationship.

Specific provisions in different areas, including:

A future scheme for the mobility of people, given that the UK has decided to put an end to the principle of free movement of people between the UK and the EU.

Specific provisions on transport, such as a Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement, which includes access to market and investments.

Specific provisions on fisheries matters. These clauses are provided within the general framework of economic cooperation and are tied to access to the market of fisheries products.

Cooperation on security matters through reciprocal and flexible collaboration at a police and judicial level, which allows for the exchange and protection of classified and sensitive information.

Institutional cooperation based on a global framework of dialogue at Heads of State and Government, ministerial, technical and parliamentary levels.

Future process that underscores the need to table negotiations on future relations as soon as possible, specifying the actions to be adopted to that end by both parties, before and after the withdrawal.

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