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State Council for SMEs analyses challenges of Brexit and Strategic Framework for SMEs

Tuesday 15 October 2019

For the Acting Secretary-General for Industry, "the future of Spanish SMEs means growing in size, developing sustainable and green policies, digitalisation and increasing their export capacity". The Strategic Framework for SMEs plays a key role in improving this competitive edge of our SMEs".

The Strategic Framework for SMEs defines seven areas of action: Entrepreneurship; Business Management and Talent; Regulatory Framework; Financing; Innovation and Digitalisation; Sustainability, and Internationalisation.

Raül Blanco conveyed the importance of this strategic framework to the plenary session and the need to develop it as the main work of the State Council for SMEs. To do that, he proposed the creation of a series of working groups, such as to enhance entrepreneurship and digitalisation.

This is the first time that a government has established a national framework for action for Spanish small- and medium-sized enterprises, a sector that encompasses 99% of the business fabric and represents almost 63.2% of Gross Value Added and 66.5% of total business employment.

Another point on the agenda addressed was the List of Measures to Support SMEs. This list contains the contributions from the main economic operators involved in SME policy at a State and regional level with the aim of the familiarisation with and spread of measures to support SMEs.

The State Council for SMEs is a collegiate body of a consultative, advisory and collaborative nature, made up of Central Government, the regional governments and local authorities, the most representative business organisations and trade unions and the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation.

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