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Meeting to be held at Moncloa Palace with departments involved in contingency plans

Acting President of the Government calls Inter-ministerial Committee for Brexit to meet on Thursday

Wednesday 4 September 2019

The extraordinary meeting will be held at Moncloa Palace, in addition to the periodic meetings held by this committee over the last year.

Given the possibility that the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union will take place without an agreement, the Government of Spain adopted an emergency plan back in January and approved Royal Decree-Law 5/2019 on 1 March. The contingency measures are geared towards two main goals: preserving the interests of Spanish and British citizens and ensuring the normal development of trade flows and economic interests for Spain. In order to preserve citizen rights, measures are provided on residency, cross-border workers, social security, healthcare and access to the civil service and universities.

In terms of economic activities, the contingency plans relate to measures for financial services, customs, public sector contracts, authorisations and permits for land transportations, among others. Subsidies are also provided for companies and specific lines of aid will be enabled for associations of exporters and companies affected by Brexit.

In addition to the contingency plans, the Government of Spain signed an agreement with the United Kingdom so that their respective national citizens can exercise their voting rights in the municipal elections of the other country. Furthermore, at the start of this year, a useful information channel on Brexit was set up for consultation on the institutional web page of La Moncloa entitled: Prepared for Brexit.

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