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Preparedness and Contingency Plans in Spain

Since the start of negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the Government of Spain has been considering the possible scenarios for the British withdrawal from the EU: both the non-agreement scenario and the agreement-based scenario. This preparedness work involves all the public authorities, citizens, businesses and other economic operators. The Government of Spain has been working on both preparedness efforts and contingency planning, while also promoting communication activities and maintaining a constant dialogue with all the stakeholders affected.

Considerable work has been completed on the contingency plans and they will consist of both the necessary regulatory measures and the human and material resources needed for this process.

The measures are primarily aimed at preserving the interests of the Spanish and British public who, believing in the European project, exercised their right to free movement prior to the withdrawal date and, secondly, at preserving current economic relations.

This website will provide information on the progress being made under these contingency planning efforts.

The Presidency of the Government is responsible for coordinating all Brexit preparedness measures.

Furthermore, an inter-ministerial and regional information and work coordination system on Brexit has been set up through the following bodies:

  • Inter-ministerial Commission for Monitoring the Withdrawal by the United Kingdom from the European Union (or Inter-ministerial Brexit Commission, Spanish acronym: CIB), chaired by the Vice-President of the Government
  • Brexit Working Group, chaired by the State Secretary for the European Union
  • Brexit Focus Points Group, chaired by the Director-General for the Integration and Coordination of General European Union Affairs
  • Spanish Conference for European Union Affairs for coordination with the Regional Governments


  • On 11 January the Council of Ministers received a report on contingency plans that included the three strategic planning lines: law; logistics for the provisions of material and personal measures; and communication.
  • On 14 January the Brexit tab on the Moncloa website became available and the different ministerial departments are gradually providing more sector-specific content.
  • On 8 February the Council of Ministers adopted an Agreement and approved Royal Decree 47/2019 providing 1,735 extra staff for the services affected by Brexit.
  • On 1 March Royal Decree-Law 5/2019 was approved to include the measures adapting the Spanish legal system to address the consequences of a UK withdrawal from the EU without an agreement under the provisions of Article 50.2 of the Treaty of European Union.

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