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Statement by President of the Government after visiting funeral chapel of Chief Public Prosecutor

Madrid, Tuesday 21 November 2017

​Thank you very much for attending.

As you and many others are aware, many other Spaniards, I have come here to pay my last respects to the Chief Public Prosecutor, José Manuel Maza. He had only been in this post for a year. Before that, he held an equally important position as a Supreme Court judge. I had the chance to speak with him on many occasions over the course of this last year and I want to state that, as well as being an excellent jurist, he was, above all, an upright, fair, balanced and sensible man who was very familiar with the reality in which he moved.

This has truly been a tremendous loss and has been very sad for us all. I have just come here to say to his wonderful family - his father is 96 and has a fortitude that I imagine everyone would wish to have; his son and his wife… We wish all of them the very best, and express our deepest sympathies and condolences.

Thank you.

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