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As the entity responsible for the development, maintenance, security and management of content on this website, the Ministry of the Presidency will undertake the necessary changes that may be necessary for the information published on this website to be accessible for disabled users.

To that end, steps are being taken to meet Level AA standards under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 established by W3C.

Content of a Certain Age

Due to the large volume of information published on this website, the size of the documents and the frequency with which the content is updated, adaptation of these pages to accessibility standards for documents dating prior to 1 January 2006 will be made upon request by the user through our Contact Form (in Spanish only) stating the document that requires adaptation. Please note that this task may take some time given that the various documents are formatted in the manner current at the time they were published and therefore may require restructuring for this purpose.

Font size

Relative font sizes have been used so that users may choose a larger font size by using the font size option within the web browser (usually Ctrl + to enlarge and Ctrl - to shrink).

Page Structure

This website has been designed with a standard format for all pages in order to facilitate familiarisation with the content and easier browsing for those people requiring Technical Aids.

Generally-speaking, every page consists of the following sections:

  • Header: providing quick access to the Home Page, Site Map, Contact Form, access to co-official languages and English versions, and Simple and Advanced Search tools.
  • Main Browsing Menu: with the main website options.
  • Central Content Section: which will vary according to whether the page being displayed is the Home Page, a SubHome Page, a summary, a document or the Advanced Search tool. Except for the Home Page and the Advanced Search tool, all SubHome Pages and Content Pages are structured in the same way:
    • A left-hand column displays the level two browsing menu;
    • A central column displays the content of the document; and
    • A right-hand column displays other information of interest related to the document itself.
    • On the Home Page: an upper area displays Headline News, a left-hand column displays News, and a right-hand column provides access to the Agenda, other important information about the President of the Government and a banner area.
  • Footer: containing information on Moncloa Palace and a Site Map for shortcut access to the different sections (up to level two only).

Shortcut Keys

This website uses the following shortcut keys to enable easier access to the most important sections of the website:


 Below are the key combinations needed to use the shortcut keys on this website according to the browser being used.

  • Firefox <2.0, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Internet Explorer 7 and above (Windows). Alt + shortcut key
  • Firefox 2.0 and above (Windows). Alt +Shift + shortcut key
  • Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape 7+ (Mac OS X) and Safari. Ctrl + shortcut key
  • Opera 8 and above (all platforms). Shift + Esc + shortcut key


If you find a problem or want to make a suggestion regarding accessibility, please contact us using the standard Contact Form (in Spanish only) on this website.